Innovative industrial solution

It accelerates the passage to Industry 4.0

It connects and monitors industrial equipment and devices on premises or in the cloud to obtain analytical information, useful for optimising performance.

It accesses previously unused data, analyses them and uses them to automate company processes and activate automatic actions and warnings. The check and optimisation of consumptions of energy and materials allows improvement of processes and reduces costs, thus increasing overall efficiency.

Architecture: On Premises e Cloud

Through a gateway, the system can exchange data with the cloud (AWS Amazon) and/or with a local database (intranet) connected to the company MES system.

The advantage of the cloud solution is that the data from each station (inside or outside the company), from any device (smartphone, tablet or PC), can be made available using either a graphic interface (histograms, pie charts, curves) or a table when a more customised analysis is needed (download excel format).



It shows the time of each machine status and of each of its work cycles in order to determine the actual availability of the machine.


Machine warnings and alarms are promptly notified at the interface level. Possibility to download them in Excel format. Troubleshooting in line with causes and remedies.


It monitors the castings / pieces (total, successful and unsuccessful), calculates a reliability index and relates them to the consumption of the components.

Analysis of the pourings

It allows you to graphically analyze the behavior of the most significant casting data, sampled with an interval of 100 ms.

Analysis by parameters

It allows you to graphically analyze the trend over time of a specific casting parameter, filtering by recipe, head, casting, etc.


It allows you to plan in advance the necessary maintenance interventions so as to minimize downtime.


Records the temporal trend of significant parameters for the machine such as the temperature of the material storage tanks.


A convenient bulletin board where you can take notes or leave notes for the operator / maintenance technician.

Remote PO

Allows the sending of recipes / production orders remotely to the machine. The production output can be published by Can4Pro in an external customer DB or reside on the iPC. This function complies with the interconnection requirements of the plant with the company system in order to obtain the tax credit provided for by the national Transition 4.0 plan

Work shift

It is now possible to create work teams and plan shifts. By indicating the forecast of pieces to be produced per shift, it is possible to obtain performance indicators (eg. OEE)

Cloud replica

It allows you to replicate all data on the iPC in a cloud space (AWS) to make it accessible from any device with an internet connection, using your credentials.


Customizable platform with features on customer request.

Machine status

With a single glance it is possible to check the status of the machine by evaluating the main parameters: machine status, work cycle, alarms, maintenance, etc.


By framing the QR-Code present in the main Can4Pro dashboard, you access the dedicated site to which the serial number of the machine and the geolocation of the request are automatically passed.

Real-time notifications

It is possible to receive push notifications of the main events (eg alarms, warnings, maintenance, etc.) through a Bot developed for the Telegram platform. To receive them, simply install the Telegram app and frame the QR-code present in Can4Pro.

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